Chrysanth Mail Manager 2.3: Effective email management for a junk-email-free mailbox

Chrysanth Mail Manager 2.3

email management software to help users keep mailboxes from junk emails. This email management software identifies, filters and effectively stops junk emails on email server from downloading into your local email client. This saves time and resources, conserves bandwidth and makes everyone more productive and email more useful. Chrysanth Mail Manager is extremely intuitive and easy-to-use. this email management software offers a Startup Wizard to

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Vanquish Personal Anti Spam ( 4.5: Stop spam with any POP3 program: Outlook Express Eudora Lotus M2 Thunderbird

Vanquish Personal Anti Spam ( 4.5

junk mail, image spam, viruses, spyware and phishing. Get the email you want and the respect you deserve. Block spam, protect your identity and enjoy email again. Vanquish email security products feature unique personal self-learning features like SmartList, SurfMatch, SmartSubject and Smart Filtering. Nothing will protect your personal email like Vanquish Personal Anti-Spam vqME. Seamlessly works with any standard email program and OS: such as Outlook

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ChoiceMail One 5.103: ChoiceMail One is the most effective spam blocker available today

ChoiceMail One 5.103

eMail is a spam-blocking system based on the premise that all incoming email is assumed to be spam until senders have obtained permission (called registering) to send you email. Until they do so, mail from unapproved senders will not appear in your email application. Unapproved senders are automatically offered the opportunity to register. If they do so you are notified so that you can choose to approve (or not) all future emails from that sender

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Spam Strainer 1.0: Spam Strainer removes spam (junk mail) from your POP3 email inbox

Spam Strainer 1.0

Junk email, or spam as it is called, has become a huge problem for everyone that uses the internet. Every day dozens or even hundreds of unwanted email clogs up our inboxes and the problem is getting worse. It is both tedious and time consuming having to check all the messages that arrive, decide whether they are useful or not, and delete the junk. Spam Strainer is designed to help keep your POP3 email inbox clear of junk email messages. It does

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Outlook Email Data Extractor 2.1: Best Outlook Email Extractor to extract email address from Outlook and .PST file

Outlook Email Data Extractor 2.1

email folder such as INBOX, OUTBOX, DRAFTS, DELETED ITEMS, JUNK MAILs, CONTACT etc to extract email address. Outlook Email Data Extractor is best outlook email extractor software to collect email contacts from microsoft outlook. Outlook Email Data Extractor is fast outlook email extractor to extarct email address from Microsoft Outlook. Outlook Email Address Extractor allows users to select email folder to extract email address. outlook email extractor

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POP3 Sweeper 2.0.2: Delete unwanted email messages from all your email accounts. Anti spam filter.

POP3 Sweeper 2.0.2

POPSweeper is an email removal program that allows you to delete email messages directly from your email server, before it is dowloaded into your computer. It allows you to selectively delete email whether they are unsolicited emails, large emails or unwanted emails from your mailbox. Monitor all your email accounts, receive notifications and previews of incoming messages.

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Aldo`s SPAM Cleaner 3.0: Keep your email box safe and clean deleting SPAM and Junk email automatically.

Aldo`s SPAM Cleaner 3.0

Junk emails, Unwanted emails, email attacks and almost anything you define before download them from your POP3 account. Aldo`s SPAM Cleaner stays monitoring your email account to keep your mail box safe and clean, and saving you hours of frustration deleting garbage. Using an innovative filter of allowed and banned keywords, phrases, users or domains this program will help you to prevent missing important messages because your email account simply

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Casper Spam Hunter 4.1: The easiest way to check and manage your mail before you download it

Casper Spam Hunter 4.1

Be able to check your mail server without downloading the entire email messages or allowing viruses into your system. You can be assured that the mail which reaches your mail box has been filtered at the mail server and is absolutely clean. Casper Spam Hunter is a powerful software with effective spam elimination. Supports unlimited number of POP3, IMAP and Hotmail\MSN Internet mail accounts.

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Use Simulator for MS Outlook 2003 Mail 1.1: Reference: 'ask by pointing' on all email screens. Practice: 100+ email tasks.

Use Simulator for MS Outlook 2003 Mail 1.1

email is number one activity on the Internet. Email is getting more sophisticated: plain text messages give way to HTML-formatted text, attachments include images, facsimiles of documents, sound and video files, new means of information dissemination. The role of email is growing, just consider the fact that the Vatican announced the death of Pope John Paul II in an email to journalists. Add to this the volume of your email, multiply by spam, and

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Active Email Monitor 2.F: Remain in touch with your e-mail and protect the PC from viruses, spam and bombs

Active Email Monitor 2.F

Email Monitor is an email utility that can check multiple accounts for email, but there is more to it than this. The program is more than just an "email checker" and can protect you from garbage mail and harmful elements that are often sent via email. Active Email Monitor will cut off junk email because it serves as a SPAM filter. In addition, Active Email Monitor can also protect you from harmful items that can be sent via email. The program is

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